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Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, the online presence of your business is a key factor to be successful. We offer a creative, SEO driven content marketing, building your traffic using first class technical SEO, site architecture and searcher behavior research. We understand conversion, and we deliver a conversion based, revenue driven approach into our daily work for our clients. We get our clients coverage in some of the world's biggest online publications through best in class creative, content, video and interactive infographics. We are using social media marketing to seed our work and promote our clients brands in new ways. As a result, they're able to target new markets, bigger audiences, more keywords and higher revenues.

What we can offer


Know exactly where your target market can be found online, who they are and how they use search engines to find you? We create comprehensive market research reports with highly actionable insights. Then we analyse the position of your website in the whole big picture, highlight the strengths and weaknesses. At last, we develop a strategy for your business in order to increase its online presence.

Local SEO

Statistics show that about 82% of local searches result to either a call, a visit to the business premises or a purchase of products or services. Therefore,in order to let your business grow it is necessary to position it at the first page of Google for the relevant search terms.

On site optimization

We'll fix your technical site architecture, improving your page layout & fixing the problems that harm your rankings. We find technical barriers to good organic SEO performance on every site we review. We dive deep into the issues - through log file analysis and good old fashioned experience, making sure your development team have a clear project plan.

Offsite Optimziation

Where are your target market? What are they sharing? How can we get you in front on them? At Viyve we build lasting, powerful links by getting coverage and mentions for your business at the very heart of your target audience's favourite places. Powerful, branded links on high quality websites make the long term difference to your search engine visibility. Our goal is long-term success and steady traffic for your business through methods approved by Google guidelines.